What's new: Updated Sunday September 7, 2013

Rebuilding the web site again, didn't like the blogging demands of updating my web pages every day. I am lucky if I can do an update every few months, other than photos, which I try to update a little more often (after each trip).

My present whereabouts: At Home
Where I've been recently: Norfolk, Virginia

Havre, Montanna

Gillette, Wyoming

Me at age 23.
While stationed at
USCG Loran Station Iwo Jima

While there I took many pictures, many
of them are located here:
Iwo Jima Picture Album
Hospital Cave Picture Album
Me at age 38.
While installing the replacement
 Loran transmitter

for Iwo Jima at Nii Jima

My granddaughter Jasmine
Jasmine at 7 months
Jasmine at 9 months
Jasmine at 15 months
Jasmine at 5 years
Jasmine at 5 1/2 years
Lilly at 2 1/2